Lucie Aubrac: Shining Light of the Resistance (DVD) 16 min. + 14 min. interview with the filmmakers

Lucie Aubrac: Shining Light of the Resistance is a video worth seeing several times to appreciate the richness of the story, the dialogue, and the connecting narration and images. The title becomes even more meaningful after listening to Jacques Chirac's tribute to a remarkable heroine of World War II. Great job in treating a complicated story so succinctly!
From Margot Steinhart, President of the American Society of Academic Palmes, Former President of the American Association, July 4, 2014

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This Lucie Aubrac interview is superb. Rich at the historical and personal levels. Perfect for classroom use in high school and college.
Patrick Henry, Cushing Eells Emeritus Professor of Philosophy & Literature, Whitman College
author, We Only Know Men: The Rescue of Jews in France during the Holocaust, translated & published in France as La Montagne des Justes editor, Jewish Resistance against the Nazis

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Hommage aux Justes de France / Homage to the Righteous of France 16-min. DVD

Narrated in French, with selectable English subtitles, this document can be a great tool for teachers and students of French. The commentary, clearly enunciated, makes it a perfect linguistic tool. This DVD is also a powerful reminder of the strong commitment the French government has made to the duty of remembrance. More to the point, the ceremony at the Pantheon, interviews with residents of Le-Chambon-sur-Lignon and other“Justes” shed light, with sobriety and objectivity, onto the complexity of some of the darkest pages of modern history. In this respect, the documentary will help students tackle current issues of international scope, ethical dilemmas of relevance in our contemporary society. We all have to ask ourselves: what would I have done then? And what would I do now?
Danièle Thomas Easton, Director France-Philadelphie
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Mon enfance lilloise racontée à ma fille : ...tenderly highlights the struggles of people of Lille after the Liberation of France, yet brings to life the small joys in life and as such provides wonderful lessons. Teachers should value Mon Enfance lilloise and encourage students to discuss and analyze Herbert's perspective on the Francophone populations in the United States.
Eileen M. Angelini, Ph.D., The French Review May 2012

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The Incredible Walk: The True Story of My Parents’ Escape from Nazi-Occupied France
In addition to her straightforward prose, what truly enriches Cahorn’s account of her parents’ survival are the eighteen black and white and twenty-five color illustrations. Particularly touching are the original paintings by her father depicting his time in the Cárcel Modelo prison in Barcelona as well as the newspaper clippings detailing the birth of Judi’s sister Nadine on the Serpa Pinto. Equally moving is the afterword written by her sister Nadine, thus providing readers with the perspective of both sisters. Available with purchase is a French translation of the twelve suggested discussion topics found on pp. 109-110. Combined with the bibliographic resources found on pp. 111-113 they allow teachers to assign the reading of the English narrative outside class and at the same time lead meaningful class discussions in French of the Sekeljs’ survival in war-torn Europe.
Eileen M. Angelini, Ph.D., The NECTFL Review, April 2011
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The Incredible Walk: The universal quality of the story is that we learn about human nature and see ourselves in the common struggle to endure.
Peter Eisner
Paroles de Réfugiés, Paroles de Justes : La « Montagne » occupe une place exemplaire dans l’histoire de la Seconde Guerre mondiale au côté du village de Niewlande en Hollande. Il n’y a pas d’autres exemples en Europe de toute une région [du Chambon-sur-Lignon] qui se soit mobilisée pour sauver les Juifs, pour accueillir les réfugiés, et avec une telle génerosité.
Simone Veil
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Ma Normandie à Moi : Armand Idrac et moi, avons un débarquement en commun… Mon père était dans le maquis d’Orléanais; ma mère vivait d’inexpiable angoisses. Voici un fragment du journal du débarquement de ma soeur ainé, qui avait 16 ans à l’époque…
Emmanuel Le Roi Ladurie Universitaire et écrivain, professeur honoraire au Collège de France et membre de l’Institut
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Tu t’appelles Renée : L’histoire de Ruth est émouvante dans sa simplicité. À travers l’espoir, la terreur, les réunions et les séparations, c’est le récit d’une enfant qui n’a jamais oublié qu’elle était juive, le récit d’un grand nombre d’enfants cachés qui ont été sauvé de la Shoah. (Avant-Propos)
Beate Klarsfeld, historienne et directrice de la Fondation Beate Klarsfeld
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Un costume rayé d’enfer : Je n’ai rien lu, aucune étude, aucun témoignage, qui m’ait procuré un tel sentiment de la réalité concentrationnaire, de son horreur et de ses grandeurs [. . .]
Maurice Druon de l’Académie française
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Six Million Paper Clips: [...] The story of the memorial project interwoven with facts about the genocide, and the book is open design...will introduce the Holocaust to those who know nothing about it. This may also get students talking.
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Faces of the Holocaust: Marcel Jabelot: [. . .] In the face of a despicable trend of Holocaust denial in some quarters of the western world, it is personal eye-witness testimonies like that of Jabelot that will stand like a beacon against the return of European anti-Semitic fascism. This DVD documentary should be a part of every academic library’s Holocaust Studies collection. Also highly recommended is thebook form, which would make an excellent addition to community library WW II and Holocaust Studies reference shelves.
The Midwest Book Review
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My Normandy: A Teenager Lives through World War II: The most memorable aspect of this memoir is that it leaves the reader with a strong sense of friendship between France and America, a people-topeople relationship that transcends political eccentricity. I wish I had been aware of Armand Idrac while visiting Normandy in 2004. Perhaps he would have permitted me to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with him. That would, indeed, have been an honor for me.
Jack Sholl, Volunteer Independence National Historical Park and member of The Golden Eight FairmountRowing Association, Boathouse Row, Philadelphia
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Drôle de Mémoires en Normandie: L'Avant-propos est l'histoire de mon enfance -- la débacle, les bombardements, dégats, queues au ravitaillement, les anecdotes amusantes dans la tragédie... À travers le livre, nous voyons qu'Armand Idrac est un « bon vivant » qui possède une verve intarissable.
Rose Yvonne Piquerez Truitt compatriote de l'auteur
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Memoirs from Normandy: I will read this book again. I especially enjoyed the childhood memories of Normandy during World War II. The account of travel in Italy—an Italy that no longer exists—was especially interesting. Armand Idrac, a wonderful story teller, is so personable and engaging that I would like to get to know him personally!
Richard Hall, veteran United States Marine Corps, Viet Nam
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French Philadelphia: A wonderful book and a proud addition to my Philadelphia collection.
Doug Heller, Webmaster Independence Hall Association,Philadelphia, PA
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