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___ book Darkness Hides the Flowers: A True Story of Holocaust Survival 19.95
___ DVD Weapons of the Spirit, biling. 35 mins. & bonuses 30.00
___ book Magda et André Trocmé, figures de résistances 32.95
___ book Jamais je n'aurai quatorze ans 35.95
___ book I Will Never Be 14 Years Old 19.95
___ book Paroles de Réfugiés, Paroles de Justes 24.95
___ DVD The Author Highlights Her Book, Girl in the Belgian Resistance, 30mins. 8.95
___ set Girl in the Belgian Resistance - Book & DVD 27.50
___ DVD Voices of Holocaust History: A Curriculum Project 25.00
___ DVD Voices of Holocaust History: Eva Tells Her Story 25.00
___ DVD Voices of Holocaust History: Liesl Tells Her Story 30.00
___ DVD Voices of Holocaust History: Ruth Tells Her Story 25.00
___ book La filière des enfants 19.95
___ CD Chansons sous l’Occupation :
French Songs of WWII
___ book Complement to the Compact Disc: Chansons sous l’Occupation :French Songs of WWII 16.95
___ book Au revoir, les enfants 16.95
___ book La France dans la Seconde Guerre mondiale 16.95
___ book Un costume rayé d’enfer 19.95
Faces of the Holocaust: Marcel Jabelot:
___ VHS French w. Eng. sub-titles 30.00
___ VHS French without Eng. sub-titles 30.00
___ DVD (selectable Eng. sub-title option) 30.00
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___ book The Incredible Walk: The True Story of My Parents' Escape from Nazi-Occupied France $19.95
___ book My Normandy:
A Teenager Lives through World War II
___ book Ma Normandie à moi : Un jeune homme vit la Deuxième Guerre mondiale 12.95
___ book Memoirs from Normandy:
Childhood, War & Life's Adventures
___ book Drôle de Mémoires en Normandie 19.95
___ book Faces of the Holocaust: Marcel Jabelot, 2nd ed. 14.95
___ book Visages de la Shoah : Marcel Jabelot, 2nd ed. 14.95
___ book Tu t'appelles Renée 16.95
___ book Guide d'´Etude pour le livre Tu t'appelles Renée 11.95
___ book French Philadelphia 19.95
___ book Philadelphie à la française 19.95
___ book Study Guide for the book Your Name is Renée, 2nd ed. 11.95
___ book Your Name is Renée 12.95
___ book Mon Enfance lilloise racontée à ma fille 18.95
___ book Complément éducatif :Mon Enfance lilloise racontée à ma fille 11.95
___ book Six Million Paper Clips 12.95
___ book War Orphan in San Francisco (2nd edition) 19.95
___ book Girl in the Belgian Resistance: A Wakeful Eye in the Underground, 2nd ed. 19.95


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