Our mission is two-fold: to recognize the strong historical and ideological ties that bind France and the United States, and to view those ideals globally. Franco-American friendship, so evident from the American Revolution through two World Wars, is everlasting. In spite of our differences, philosophies that both countries have embraced since the eighteenth century survive and ring true as time passes.

"Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" and "Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité" ["Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood"] have linked the ideals that we live and die for -- ideals that should be reality for all people in all countries.
In developing this philosophy, we present survivors' stories that highlight these life-affirming principles, including first-person accounts of the Holocaust, the fates of Resistants and collaborators, the heroism of rescuers, and the stories of innocent youngsters. By passing history's lessons and legacies to the younger generations, we strive to contribute to making this a better world.

Today's learners can make a difference, if we teach them now to avoid the tragic mistakes of the past. Click here to read and download the 2-page article - Holocaust Relevance: A Rationale for Administrators, Supervisors and Teachers".
Joanne Shoestock Silver

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