June 2016: West Chester East High School, PA chooses Girl in the Belgian Resistance as required summer reading for basic, academic and honors students of the Social Studies course, Western World. Books are at Barnes & Noble Exton, Amazon and email order

May 22, 2016: Barbara P. Barnett, award-winning filmmaker/author, presents her documentaries France Divided and Lucie Aubrac: Shining Light of the Resistance to the Philadelphia branch of the International Lyceum Club.

March 30, 2016: Fernande K. Davis, author of Girl in the Belgian Resistance, again addresses the annual Youth Symposium on the Holocaust, this time as keynote speaker. This is a widely acclaimed education program for public, parochial and private high school students throughout the Delaware Valley since 1977.

Oct. 17-19, 2015: Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Valley Forge, PA. Joanne Silver & Barbara Barnett are among the presenters, and will speak in French on " 70 ans après : La France fait face à son passé ". (Ils constatent que le mal n'a pas gagné et qu'il y a des raisons à rester optimiste en ce qui concerne la condition humaine.)
Joanne Silver is the recipient of the PSMLA 2015 Merit Award.

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